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Network Cables


Our servers are located in the heart of a major datacenter with multiple connections to the internet. Our service provider is one of the most experienced in the country, and with this is able to provide quality services for us to base our business on. Our service provider has multiple Tier 1 connections to major internet exchanges in the UK. This enables redundant options for network traffic as well as a guaranteed fast speed to deliver your websites at super speed.


Where is the datacenter?

Our service provider uses the BlueSquare datacenter in Maidenhead ( Berkshire, UK ). The security of the network along with the quality of infrastructure is much better than any other datacenter in the world. There are 2 x 10 Gbps uplink for the datacenter. All the servers we use have 100 Mbps Nic card and they are connected to 1 Gbps switch. We have multiple network backup links to ensure 100% external network uptime.


Theres alot of text on this page about how well connected the servers are. This diagram sums it up quite well. We use the Maidenhead location, and as you can see, there are fibre links right out to the heart of the Internet in the UK.

Connectivity Map

Basic Network Diagram

This diagram shows the components of our infrastructure. As you can see, not all the servers are in the same datacenter. For example, the DNS Servers outside of our main server stack provide a redundant DNS system to ensure your email still gets delivered if there is ever a problem with the Web Server. You can also see the other services such as Hosted Exchange and our file backup solution Hostoven Backup Cloud. These are also located remotely from our Web Hosting setup. (This is an overly simplified diagram, showing basic infrastructure.)

Network Map


We run a daily backup from our main Webserver to the offsite location - in Milton Keynes. This includes all website and database info. This is all automatic and included in all cPanel packages from us. We can access and restore as necessary.

Our external mail services are also all backed up individually. As for network backups, the multiple links to the major Internet exchanges ensure that if a link goes down, traffic will still have another route through. 

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